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Fast-uk is an artist-led organisation dedicated to promoting and encouraging artists that use digital and or electronic technologies in some part of their practice. Founded in 1998, originally to support sculptors working with 3D computer technologies, Fast-uk has evolved to support the creative application of technology to practices stemming from or working between the boundaries of sculpture, architecture and industrial design. Based in Manchester, Fast-uk aims to work throughout the Northwest by forming important partnerships with artists, educational institutions and other organisations. Fast-uk supports those working in this area through exhibition opportunities, networking and by creating increased interest among curators, funders, and the general public.

Since 1999 Fast-uk has participated in an international exhibition titled, Intersculpt. Please see the projects pages to find out more about past exhibitions. For 2006 Fast-uk has planned a special exhibition, moving on from the legacy of Intersculpt, to explore the possibilities afforded to artists, architects, designers, and others for the creation of new types of objects, buildings, and products stemming from the increasing use of and integration between digital technologies for design and fabrication. The converging and blurring of traditional disciplinary boundaries is made possible by these technologies, from Stereolithography and CNC, to the use of generative and algorithmic programmes for design. Therefore it is important now to look at these changing frontiers. This area of practice has developed predominantly outside of new media or art and technology discourse. While its development has run parallel to that of new media, its significance is only now fully being considered and appreciated. With 'Perimeters, Boundaries and Borders', Fast-uk hopes to engage fully with practitioners making work at the cutting edge of these developments.

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