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Intersculpt:uk 03



Keith Brown


Adam Nash

Jason Brown


Mark Palmer

Brit Bunkley



Russell Chater



Christopher Dean


Jen Southern

Peter Hofer


Michael Trainor

John Hyatt


Lee Vincent

Drummond Masterton


Marcus Williams/Susan Jowsey

MIRIAD 3D Design Group


Derrick Woodham





Intersculpt:uk 03, presented by Fast-uk in Manchester, was part of a biennial exchange of work and ideas taking place worldwide. The aim of this exhibition is to bring emerging and established contemporary artists and technologies into the public arena and to help make cutting-edge developments in art and technology, as related to the practice of sculpture, accessible. Works in this exhibition included virtual and physical computer-aided sculpture, installation, video/animation, digital imaging and robotics. Intersculpt:uk 03 was held from 10 - 26 October 2003 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester (MSIM), in the recently renovated 1830's Warehouse, the world's first railway warehouse.

Intersculpt:uk 03 was sponsored by: ACE, NW; Digital Summer; Museum of Science and Industry Manchester; and Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design.

This was the third biennial of Intersculpt, which was held simultaneously in Paris, France; Kanpur, India; Hong Kong, PRC; Dakar, Senegal; Auckland, New Zealand; Manchester, United Kingdom; San Francisco, California; New Orleans, Louisiana; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Georgetown, Texas.

This exhibition demonstrated the impact of digital technologies on contemporary fine arts practice and included work by 22 artists and featured the work of 8 Manchester based artists. The show was a system of projects and works that were developed either specifically for Intersculpt:uk 03 or that uniquely represented an area of art making utilising specific new technologies such as rapid prototyping, robotics, video, infrared sensors, Global Positioning Satellite technology (GPS), digital and integral imaging, etc. Follow the links below to learn more about the works of the participating individual artists.

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