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Intersculpt 2003
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  Christopher Dean Peter Hofer John Hyatt Drummond Masterton  
  MIRIAD 3D Design Group Adam Nash Mark Palmer rootoftwo  
  Soda Jen Southern Michael Trainor Lee Vincent  
  Marcus Williams/Susan Jowsey Derrick Woodham      

MIRiAD 3D Design Group - A Computer on Every Desk and in Every Home 2003
This work begins to suggest ways in which rapid manufacturing technology might be incorporated into the domestic environment. Each plinth proposes an idea related to the access of both ‘real’ and representative products and asks “what if?”

The Product Group is comprised of three academic practitioners – Tim Parsons, Trevor Cowland and Ian Roberts – from within MIRIAD – the Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design at Manchester Metropolitan University. Between them, their recent work includes domestic product design, furniture design, art installation, exhibition design, writing and publicly funded research.


The Product Group are concerned with all aspects of three dimensional design and in particular the benefit that design thinking, preoccupation and procedure can have within the conception and production of art.

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