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Intersculpt 2003
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Adam Nash - Chromacy Blue 2003
Chromacy Blue, is a Virtual Sound Sculpture Realised in VRML with MP3 sound. Blue is chosen as the colour, and 12 rectangular cubes as the medium, a direct evolution from the previous Chromacy piece which used Yellow and chaotic curves. There are 12 separate simple algorithms for interpolating and scaling assigned to each of the cubes, which are then animated. Complimentary 2D squares highlighted by line sets, to demarcate time and space are then added.

Adam is a new media artist, composer, VR programmer, performer and writer. His virtual performance art show Memory Plains Returning was presented in single user version at Web3D Art 2003 in St. Marlo, France, and at FILE

WebArt 2003 in Sao Paolo Brazil. A live multi user version was presented at Lab3D UK, with performers in Lancaster, Manchester and Melbourne, and audience logging in from all around the world. He is currently undertaking a Master of Arts by Research at the Centre for Animation and Interactive Media at RMIT, Melbourne, researching 3D multi-user space as live performance medium. His work as programmer, composer and lead performer in Virtual Humanoids, an acclaimed live and online cyber performance piece seen in Australia and the UK, led him to his current interest in virtual performance. He was composer, programmer and performer with The Men Who Knew Too Much from 1994 - 2001, including several national and international tours. He has performed drums keyboards vocals and composed with many musical groups in Australia and Japan, including Japanese noise-chaos collective Proud Flesh, Melbourne electro-dub outfit Half Yellow, Brisbane’s Choo Dikka Dikka (responsible for the legendary underground hit ‘Cyclone Destroys Expo’) and Melbourne Concrete Poetry group Arf Arf. He is a writer and reviewer for Digital Media World magazine, and has been an editor of the Computers and Internet section of LookSmart. Committed to education and the community, he is also a Project Officer at com.IT, a community charity he helped to establish that recycles computers and redistributes them for free to NFPs domestically and overseas, where he teaches programming and multimedia. He also teaches Principles of Game Design at Swinburne University.
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