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Intersculpt 2003
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Drummond Masterton - TLEM 2003
“TLEM” is a piece of work about the ever-changing nature of our landscape and in particular the effects of glaciers. Most of our landscape has been shaped by the power of glaciers although it is a change that is almost imperceptible in our lifespan. The piece is intended to read in both directions, in other words the viewer may see the landscape being formed as the glacier melts away or they may see the landscape become enveloped by solid ice. In reverse this piece indicates our concerns over the as yet unknown affects of global warming and the possibility that more glaciers will become commonplace.

Drummond H. Masterton trained as a 3D designer, at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen and at postgraduate level at the

Royal College of Art in London, from where he graduated from the Goldsmithing, Silversmithing Metalwork and Jewellery course in July 2000. Using a number of 3-Dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages, Masterton creates objects that take advantage of the unique mark and form making qualities of Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machines. He has participated in a number of exhibitions since graduation including “Intersculpt 2001” (Righton Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University, 11/2001). He has won a number of major awards including Scottish Young Designer of The Year, First prize, “Royal Mint Medal Design Competition” and the Deutsche Bank, “Pyramid Award for Art”, 2000. He has work in the Contemporary Art Society collection, (London, July 2003) which promotes and lends the work of major British artists to public museums in the UK. He has taught at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, UK and is currently a Lecturer in 3D Design for Sustainability, at Falmouth College of Arts, Falmouth, UK.
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