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Intersculpt 2003
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Derrick Woodham - DAAP Active Worlds VR Sculpture Park 1996 - Present
D. A. A. P is a virtual world of sculpture, initially designed at the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. Since 1996 D.A.A.P has been used as an environment to test models of sculpture and other three dimensional projects by University of Cincinnati faculty, students, and guest artists. Fine Art Media Fundamentals, Modelling for 3- Dimensional Networking, and Computer Sculpture are courses, which have been taught using D.A.A.P as a venue for the presentation of student work.

Derrick Woodham was born and educated in Great Britain,

graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1966. He exhibited sculpture in Europe, The United States and Japan, before moving to The United States in 1968. He has taught at The Philadelphia College of Art, The University of Iowa, and The University of Kentucky, retiring from The University of Cincinnati in 2001.

Derrick is interested in geometry, and industrially developed and produced materials, as the subjects of sculpture. This has motivated him to use the computer to design his sculpture. Before retiring from The University of Cincinnati he taught courses on the methods of making and designing sculpture in/for the computer environment. He continues to pursue these methods as part of his professional practice.

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