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Intersculpt 2003
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Jen Southern - ROAM 2003
In April 2003 Jakki Eyre of Magna in Rotherham chose 12 year old Jack Euesden to participate in ROAM. Jack took the artist on a sight seeing trip through his favourite video game 'Banjo Kazooie'. Snap shots from the trip were printed onto fabric and made into a formal suit which Jack had chosen. Wearing the suit, Jack took the artist on his favourite walk up Kinder Scout in Derbyshire. This journey was recorded using a handheld GPS (global positioning system) and sewn back into the garment, which has become a document of journeys in physical and virtual spaces. This process can be seen on the web site where the project masquerades as a clothing company.


ROAM is part of an on going investigation into journeys between virtual and physical places through interactions between artist, audience and organisations, navigated through socially and culturally embedded technologies.

ROAM aims to enter into a collaborative relationship with an individual member of the audience as they become a contributor to and performer of a personalised work. The collaborator is chosen by a curator and invited to participate in a physical negotiation with the convergence of real and virtual environments, using video games as a popular and accessible form of virtual landscape. The impact of physical use: creases, stains, wear and tear are allowed to have an impact on the virtual as personal preferences, actions and impressions become wearable garments.

Jen Southern is an artist and Senior Lecturer in Multimedia and Installation Art at the University of Huddersfield. Her collaborative works explore popular uses of technology in relation to issues of site and definitions of place. Her work has been exhibited in Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico and New Zealand. Recent UK shows include: Artranspennine 03; Wear Me, Magna, Rotherham; The Photographers Gallery, London; The Yorkshire Sculpture Park; The Gallery, Stratford and ‘Urban Cycles’ Inter:face 02; Manchester. Jen is currently continuing her research through learning to fly a light aircraft and a flight simulator.
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