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Intersculpt 2003
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Lee Vincent - The Booth 2003
Initial research led Lee Vincent into the fields of hybrid space and hypersurfaces; the effect of natural and artificial light on the urban environment and the spaces we pass through on our journey from A to B. This ‘non place’ is a perceived space, but only in a partial and dislocated manner, where individuals are connected in a uniform fashion but where no organic social life seems possible.

On passing through these ‘non places’ for a brief period of time you leave a trail behind you that forms a temporary history but which disintegrates over a period of time. Potentially, this process of disintegration can be controlled by ourselves or can be left in the hands of others. This work offers the ‘non place’ inhabitant the option of leaving

their trail where others could see and interact with it and so create a ‘community of presence’ formed as they pass through. This community erodes over time with the present occupier having full control over what future occupants will see. Every person who chooses to enter The Booth can integrate themselves visually with the people who have been in there before or make the decision to make a fresh start and alter the course of the ‘community of presence’ for future occupants. This work is sponsored by the University of Huddersfield.
Born and educated in York, on leaving school Lee went on to study part time for an HNC in Building Studies whilst undertaking the beginnings of a career in architecture. After four years he decided not to follow the conventional architectural route and went on to study Virtual Reality at Huddersfield University. The course opened his eyes to the importance of space, and how to appreciate the richness of urban and public environments. This theme was evident throughout his four year course which came to an end in July 2003 when he graduated with first class honours, and also received the Best Project Award for ‘The Booth’. He is currently working in London for an architectural practice where they are working on developing strategies for the introduction of 3d visualisation and virtual reality technologies into their architectural portfolio.
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