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Intersculpt 2003
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Michael Trainor - The Industrial Revolution 2003
“The Industrial Revolution” is a working water wheel. The paddles are computer keyboards; the waterwheel turns a small generator, which charges a battery, which powers a computer, which is running an animation of the water wheel. It is literally about the industrial revolution – the computer wouldn’t have existed without the water wheel and now the water wheel (or any mechanical object) is designed by computer so technology has come full circle.

The really nice thing about it is the shocking abuse of computer keyboards, but then what use is a computer keyboard when someone has finished with it? There is something of the Luddite about it and it is also an acerbic statement on how Manchester “invented” the computer but somehow forgot to capitalise on it. Imagine how

different a place Manchester, and Britain, would have been if it had pursued the development of the computer from the original breakthrough of storing a programme instead of the Americans.
Michael Trainor is a professional artist based in central Manchester who has been involved in over 50 temporary and permanent works of public art as well as gallery installations. He is joint artistic director of “The Art Department” with fellow artists Liam Curtain and Wendy Jones a company that was set up in 1998 to undertake and commission public art works. Since 1998 Michael and The Art Department have been lead artists in several public art schemes including “The Great Promenade Show” for Blackpool and “Gallery Oldham” a new build public gallery for Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council. Michael is also director and curator of “The Northern Quarter Gallery” in Manchester, which promotes new and experimental artworks in all media. Michael Trainor has produced many works for galleries most notably the entire content of “Taste the New Religion” at Manchester’s Cornerhouse gallery and an animated coffin for “Ten Men” exhibition at Belfast’s Old Museum Arts Centre.
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