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Intersculpt 2003
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  Christopher Dean Peter Hofer John Hyatt Drummond Masterton  
  MIRIAD 3D Design Group Adam Nash Mark Palmer rootoftwo  
  Soda Jen Southern Michael Trainor Lee Vincent  
  Marcus Williams/Susan Jowsey Derrick Woodham      

Peter Hofer - A Pataphysical Train Ride 2003
The sonic sculpture “A Pataphysical Train Ride” transforms the space audibly into a moving entity. It asks the question “when does the train station pull into the train?” This challenges the traditional mode of how we interpret our perception of moving objects (i.e. trains). The rigid conception that the station building remains fixed, whereas the train moves along the track, is inverted into the opposite. Not as an exercise in lateral thinking but as a valid and true interpretation of the phenomenon of movement.

Peter Hofer has an MA in Sculpture from the Royal Academy of Art in London (2003) and a BA(Hons) Sculpture, first class from Kingston College (2001). Recent exhibitions include “Art-Bar” at 291 Gallery, Hackney, London (5/2003),

“Biclops vs. Docme” at Ginglik, Shepherds Bush, London (4/2003) and the Bursary Show, Royal Society of British Sculptors, Brompton Road, London (9/2002). He has been awarded the Bursary Award from the Royal Society of British Sculptors (2002) and the Stanley Picker Trust Travel Scholarship (2000). He received 1st Prize in the Colour Competition from the Fondazione Mimeri, Kingston/Italy (1998).
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