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Intersculpt 2003
  Keith Brown Jason Brown Brit Bunkley Russell Chater  
  Christopher Dean Peter Hofer John Hyatt Drummond Masterton  
  MIRIAD 3D Design Group Adam Nash Mark Palmer rootoftwo  
  Soda Jen Southern Michael Trainor Lee Vincent  
  Marcus Williams/Susan Jowsey Derrick Woodham      

rootoftwo - cross-platform 2003
“cross-platform” is a new multimedia installation which investigates the development and usage of language. This piece focuses on the beginnings of speech; the aural representation of the effort from basic sounds to the beginning of compound sounds. The video/audio work consists of extreme close up shots of the artists’ describing the physical actions necessary to form phonemes (any of the abstract units of the phonetic system of a language that correspond to a set of similar speech sounds which are perceived to be a single distinctive sound in the language.) The video work rotates on the screen to address the full 360° that the audience may approach from. The video loop’s attempt at communication is to draw the viewer into/onto the work, both physically and virtually by means of the building blocks of language, rendering the viewer an active participant in the work. “cross-platform”

continues to explore the artists’ interest in language/communication and is also characteristic of their employment of technology for the creation of situations where the viewer may become a participant in the work. “cross-platform” was made possible through a projects support grant from The Arts Council England.
John Marshall and Cezanne Charles began collaborating in 1998 as rootoftwo, specifically to explore/investigate existing and emerging cultural practices through interdisciplinary works, which combined the visual arts with performance. Their work questions the binary opposition of artist and viewer and proposes a third way: a hybrid producer-user, in order to create works where the relationship between the artist and the viewer is less hierarchical. Exhibitions include “ba-b&l/incantation” a transatlantic sound installation shown as part of Intersculpt:Ohio 01 and Intersculpt:uk 01 (Dayton, Ohio - Manchester, UK 2001), “Dis’location” part of a 2-person show at the Firefly Building (Dayton, Ohio 2000) and “A country road. A tree. Evening” performed as part of the 3rd annual Philadelphia Fringe Festival (Philadelphia, USA 1999). Their work incorporates architecture, performance, urban planning, industrial design, computer animation, video production, and sound design. Cezanne Charles received a BA in Theatre Studies from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. John Marshall received a MA in Art as Environment from Manchester Metropolitan University, a MFA in Sculpture from The Ohio State University and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Glasgow School of Art. In 2001 they co-curated Intersculpt:Ohio at Archetype Gallery in Dayton, Ohio. They are currently based in Manchester.
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