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Intersculpt 2003
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Soda - 2743.2 1998/2003
With 2743.2 Soda references the distinctions and relations between sculpture and architecture by imposing systematic autonomous agency on an architectural scale. The artists enable 2743.2 to affect its given environment with its dynamic, architectural choreography according to the mathematical rules they have programmed into it.

Physically the work consists of eight human-sized panels of ‘Aerolam’ suspended between beams in the gallery, the units are explicitly linked to the central control unit by air tubing and control cables. Each two by one metre panel is hinged in the middle and is able to open flat or fold in on itself to jut into the gallery space. This articulation is enabled by means of an air cylinder fed by a compressor and controlled by a valve switched by the control unit.


The action of the cylinder gives a natural, anthropomorphic feel to the panel’s movement. The control unit comprises a microcontroller and power electronics to enable the switching of the pneumatic valves.

The algorithms programmed into the microcontroller switch the individual panels in such a way as to convey an impression of swings in the system’s mood or behaviour. At times there appears to be order and purpose to their animation, at others a chaotic randomness is apparent. The actual behaviour of the system is deterministic, though the complexities of the algorithmic processes give rise to these emergent behaviours. In this way 2743.2 produces a set of interventions that repeatedly changes the structure of the architectural space.

2743 was originally commissioned by Riksutställningar (Swedish Travelling Exhibitions) and was first exhibited at the Swedish Museum of Modern Art in 1998, and then toured Scandinavia throughout 1999/2000.

Soda are a seven strong group of fine artists and researchers based in Shoreditch, London. They formed in order to steer the funding and development of each members' particular areas of interest and to share skills and resources to tackle more ambitious projects. Although the practice covers a broad range of individual interests, the group is held together by common views on technology and art.

Though working primarily with new technologies, Soda members resist being ghettoised as digital artists. They are passionate about developing artworks that critique the use of information and communication technologies and suggest new creative structures, which will push the field of contemporary art practice in terms of both context and form. These convictions may be expressed as sculpture, installation, performance or internet based artworks.

Creativity is the driving motivation behind all that Soda tackles, in addition to our fine art practice Soda engages in select commercial projects focused on the interconnected themes of art, learning and play. They view engagement with art practice and research as essential to nurture and support this working method and the company is sustained by the fact that others find value in our creative process. Soda members exhibit internationally, producing work both as individuals and as a group.

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